Veritable Versions of Vicious

My mindboggling of the moment is a catatonic cluster-fuck for a collection of cadavers who came to camouflage themselves as cool kids. Realising that things aren’t what they seemed to be isn’t anything new… So? Will we ever learn? Jury’s still out – but while it is, we get to witness and write… darn and draw… ingest and imagine… and sing to survive. No no, not only Musical Theatre mucks. Everyone. All of us! We do it in the shower, in the car, after sixteen drinks (but not the morning after sixteen drinks).

So here: a song I grew up singing. But because of current contentious cycling around the sun, it sounds different… albeit heavier and harder to hold.

Still, there’s always something special about someone else from another generation, on the other side of the world who creates something that collects your content or contempt…

“This was written for me! I swear!!!”


So here, visit them: veritable versions of life’s vicious from two virtuoso-veterans.


Seriously though – can I just say?! It will always be scary how the callow can conscript so covertly, to Can-Can cruelty with such confidence!*

Conclusion? It is the disguised douchebag that is most dangerous.


*I know I know. Most vague. But Huey, Dewey and Louie are catching flies. If they decide they feel the need to file-in, I’ll fill you in.

© Dylan Balkind

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