Cell C reveals yawns and misses

Gary Bryant has published an article on Biz Community about Cell Cs new brand identity. Why? Not why to Gary, why to Cell C? Seriously. Such a strong identity as it was – and so well connected to their audience – why then go ahead and pick a new tangent? For?

And is the running away from red a fear for Vodacom’s impending move to red (Vodafone)? I mean really kids. If it ain’t broke and all that stuff. What happened to the cool and soothing notes of Cell C for yourself and the confident identity that went with it? That was Hi to the Larious. New look is not.


Check out Mr. Bryant’s commentary on the cringe-close payoff lines here.

Update: What is with the Trevor Noah TVC? Also not hilarious. He asks for your comments at telltrevor.co.za. Better things to do have we.

Blah blah boring yawn

Do you love it when you have to swoon over desert sand and grumpy looking men who take themselves verrry seriously, scowl at the camera (you) like it’s your fault they are lost in the desert and all alone, and then tell you how they love it though? Then you must hop in your car with haste and dash to the pretty shop. There you will find CK Free and you must purchase several immediately. That’s how ads are supposed to work, aren’t they?

Apparently this one made some people over at Ornico sit up and take notice.

I never said it was good. I said it made them sit up and take notice.

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