Choose your toys. Choose your message. Get ready to roar.

Before this was set to raise questions, inspire debate and result in lengthy red-wine-teeth debates on how men and women communicate, it was set to animate the differences going on in either minds when the mood strikes and the iron is hot for poking. Sexy Avenue couldn’t have been closer to telling the story of men and women and mars and venus – albeit with stock footage of two lions and an eventual TVC.

Choose your toys. Choose your message.

This one’s spot on!


PS: Print ad’s clever too. Click image to enlarge.

You shoot. You score. Your tongue is done.

This is the tongue-perfect promise from Oise Language Coaching, brought to you via the theme of basketball. Yes it’s a designer’s dream. Yes it’s far out. Yes it’s cleverly executed. And from pronunciation to audio, Oise Language says you’ll get it in the hoop!

DDB Düsseldorf is responsible and got mileage out of their designer’s salary in this recreation of reality. Although weird (only because of the abject tongue on a basketball court), I think the team should be proud. Is it creative? Absolutely. Could it win the team awards? Probably. Will it speak to the audience and result in more enrollments? Hard to say.

What do you think?

Click image to enlarge:

Buckle up. Or buckle under.

It’s no joke. Death. Mourning. The financial issues. An absent parent. All the elements creators are playing on here, and just why they go from funny to everything but funny in 90 seconds. To me, the young girl’s performance is the most memorable in this spot, produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. Tangible and vulnerable enough to convey who would suffer the most from the unthinkable; enlivened in a simple setting with direction that takes this moment from light to dark in slow motion.

A thousand shiny moments are not that pretty when it’s the glass from your windscreen and not a kiddies table, covered in sequins and thrown into the air. “Embrace Life. Always wear your seat belt” – portrayed in this treatment by those who would be left most affected should the driver make it through the accident without one on. After seeing this, you’d have to be a moron not to wear yours.

Buckle up. Or buckle under.

Personality and originality

What a nice 20” this would make! The first half of this TVC for Johannesburg’s newest rapid rail transport system is spellbinding. It is inviting and commanding while showing off personality and character as it dances across faces and through hair. I think it gets a little bit carried away though and the more it does, the less memorable it is. The cheesy grins take over honest smiles and the flying dog? Well, who can say?

Too much is just too much. 25 seconds less in this case would have been a commercial novella – at just the right length! Not faulting the way the story is being told, shot or directed, but maybe the second half should have been left for the “making-of” reel.

What do you think?

Ripe and ready. The Magners method.

Camaraderie is such an inspiring human behaviour to witness. Anyone watching the World Cup will agree. So while ball-sports are the order of the day, Magners Irish Cider is still on the guest list. A little different in pace to what dominates our lives this June and July, 2010 – and therein lies the memorable moment.

UK based agency The Red Brick Road aligns the story of a small town cricket team having been unbeatable for a record 75 years – the same amount of time they have been harvesting apples for Magners Cider. Ageing cricket players teamed with younger fitter ones make up a team of players that seem to get their practice from their lifestyle and livelihood – they never miss a falling cider apple. Practice makes perfect and this team is very definitely getting the right practice. Great performances and nice direction result in a clean-cut message.

I don’t think their print ad is as powerful however. I’m not sure whether it is a tighter execution to the copy that would have made it as memorable as the TVC or a different choice of visual. The languid man doesn’t look like he is having to trust his senses but rather that he is looking for the answer to life from an apple. Both will resonate with an audience in partnership with the other however, so the campaign is no doubt a sure hit. What say you?

Would the real Creative please stand up?

A war of temperaments went around Facebook recently about the new Wimpy (Impi) ad. It was said that a stand up comedian had hatched the idea for his routine, and that only after his show had been seen by a certain Copywriter, had the idea then made its way through the (oh so very long) process from pitch to client, production, post production and then to eventually transpiring into what we are seeing now on TV. They say there’s no such thing as a (brand spanking) new idea. Indeed. But the Copywriter was berated for arriving for work on the Monday and ‘stealing’ the idea so it could work for client, Wimpy. So… So what? He/she spotted the gap but most importantly liked the idea being communicated at the stand up show enough to want to script it. Congratulations to the comedian therein.

In a world where social networking is hot property communication tool number one, everything is transient and absolutely everything is viral. See a show, send a text, receive the text, tell your friend, friend writes script, script gets approved, ad is produced, ad is on television, ad is on YouTube, ad goes viral. So? Idea essentially went viral, yes? No default to the comedian and no snub directed at his intellectual property either. But he should never hope or expect that that would be contained within the walls of his performance venue. Wit is a fine talent for sure, but that said, it doesn’t take a genius to see the rhyming opportunity with Wimpy and Impi. So, just figure out how to leverage your 15 minutes mate. It’s not only going to happen between two third party arguers on a fourth party’s Facebook wall.

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