Only entertain the best or nothing

Whether debunked as a theory or not, I know that everybody (or almost) agrees to the theory of left brain / right brain thinking. You agree because you know you are one or the other. Whether you like it or not, there are traits about who you are and how you do things that posit you on either side of the fence. And if you are sitting there shaking your head and professing to be equally proficient with both set of talents and attributes, well then you are probably an over-achiever and should get out more often (once you’ve finished reading my blog, of course).

Y&R Tel Aviv, Israel, recently created this print campaign for Mercedes. Creative Director Gideon Amichay has definitely lead a stalwart team and the Music, Paint and Passion incarnations are undoubtedly proud, credible works for the individuals and teams that converged to create them.

I believe these because I buy what I am reading and seeing. The campaign has been thought about. It has gone through options and alternatives, has been looked at, talked about, negotiated, argued for, argued against – and that is just within the agency. Whether you are rational or intuitive, or look at parts or look at wholes, you see yourself in one (or all) of these. They are clear that it takes all types to create these finely-tuned machines and that Mercedes only entertain the best or nothing.

PS: I’m right-side. Which side are you?

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