Everybody wants to rule the world

We live in a big big world. Most of us spend 99% of our time within a little nucleus of people that include our co-workers, traffic buddies and our significant others – sometimes and most often in that order.  It gives a whole new take on the notion that you can’t please everybody all of the time. Think about it: What do you have in common with people who are outside your nucleus? In South Africa alone, we have a colourful mix of people across nine provinces that speak eleven different languages. You’re never going to impress all of them at once.

Ergo, the problem with commentary on advertising is that you almost always have no idea who created it, how their sense of humour works and who agreed with them as they spat milk through their noses, cackling away in a meeting as they deemed the idea brilliant and effective. God knows you sometimes have that problem in one agency alone.

Case in point: Pert Plus Dog Commercial. So very Truman Show-esque and no, I don’t think it is brilliant and nor will it make me want to buy the product. But somewhere in the seven billion people that we share this planet with is a legion of consumers that will spit milk through their noses, cackling away when they watch this, deeming it brilliant and effective.

Sigh… the flipside of this ‘argument’ is this example for Robert Irwin Jewellers. On behalf of all seven billion people, I can assure them that it’s rubbish.


© Dylan Balkind

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