Butterfly Balloons

I have a bit of a statement to make.

First… let me say this:
I can count on three fingers, the times I’ve been so angry as to
a) actually see white… and
b) be muted in melancholy by same

I did.

I was.

Yesterday, when this video of a bully and his (elected) bait at the Krugerlaan School slipped into my news feed on Facebook.

Having been uploaded almost a year ago, I can’t say why it is doing the rounds again now… but I also know social media and how viral works… so yeah. And good it did, because despite the vitriol I journey as the viewer, the victim’s volume – albeit stupidly filmed by the team-wankers who schemed such stupidity – is his vanquish.

“It may not be painless, quick, or easy, but you can insist on a different ending to your story.” – Monica Lewinsky

If anyone is fit to advise on how online conversations keep a story going on… and on… and on… it’s Monica Lewinsky.

Ergo, it may have been uploaded almost a year ago. Viral is never overnight but rather the attention something gets when its timing is true to the testament an audience can and will connect with.

I hope the noise this channel affords him helps with the jarring version he’s had to hear for too long.

And any period of months, minutes or a moment – is too long!

So, once the furious frustration of that third knot frayed-free, I punched this together:

I hope your days are full of fervent, benevolent Light.
To the gentle, I say go gently.
To the not, I say go fuck yourselves.


© Dylan Balkind

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