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Imagine that big scary thing that cripples your core, walked in to wherever you are right now, sat down across from you and began to speak.

A spider? Snake? Debt? Your boss? The darkest low? The highest heights? HIV?

Mine would be HIV. So I imagined what it would say, if given the chance to present its case. What would I hear as it hauled forth its howl? And theeeen, I get to what I must admit is the consideration that maybe the Bible and its bully wasn’t far off after all… Because I will put everything I own and everything I’m worth on it, that the Mark of the Beast is here: it is our intolerance of that which scares us.


It ends there — I promise. The rest is just your anybody-everybody’s, any-day-any-way, and in the many both mindless and mad ways…

And whether with the courage to salute a secret and set it free — because of how stifling the sanctioning of it is across every silhouette you see… Or with the war cries we walk, waddle or writhe to when we wake up and walk out on worry (for an appointment with wonderful!)…

…our owned magnifying is magic!

Because it is only the owned moments that matter.

Whether you blog, take photos, journal, run, ride, recite, or simply recognise each jostling jolt of your journey by the jeans you wore, looking back is your back-row-all-to-yourself, magical moment — between both the cringing and courage — to bask in how beautiful you are.

I’m a writer by profession, so it’s not always how I want to profess after a day of paid-for-professing. Ergo, I do this #WritingStoriesDifferently thing. And with a Love that is Alive, I thank my Light, everyday, that people like Larissa, Catherine, Gillian, Nundi, Niki, Thato, Gerhard, Kyara, PamLindsay, Linda, Bonnie, Dave, GlynnisMel, Natasha, Caddie, Fay, Hayley ‘Ellis’ and Hayley who, when they can – and whether they do or don’t get what I’m ‘saying’ – say something when they see me in it.

So what if no one is listening?! Tell the world – or even just a wall – the story of who you are.

All any of us has is what is in our heart.

And whether you blog, take photos, journal, run, ride, recite, or simply recognise each jostling jolt of your journey by the jeans you wore, whenever you slide through them sludge-moments of feeling small (and you will), just look at what has touched every. single. jostle. you’ve. journeyed – ever!

Your fingerprint.


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It’s not about not-drinking

On a cold rainy night, Josh meets Kay for their second date. He has been lonely for a while now and is more than thrilled to have a second chance in these lovelorn-interviews of life. Two drinks later and a catch-up on their week, the second date has gone well and ends with a harmless peck on the cheek. He then calls his friends to find out where they are and heads off to meet them because, well, good news is shared news, right? Beaming and excited, it feels like his insides have woken up and he loves it – he hasn’t felt this good in years. A couple more drinks later, Josh decides to call it night. Glowing, he feels he’s had enough new interactions for the day and should sleep soundly. Little does he know… he won’t be getting much sleep at all.

Screaming, disbelief, red-and-blue lights and the exchange of questions-and-answers as lives are torn forever is what follows for Josh’s evening. Not what he had planned. Not what anybody in these situations would have planned. You could be Josh and this story could be yours. This is exactly what agencies like Mercury 360 in Bucharest and Agency Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte in Brazil are communicating with their latest offerings in the plight to highlight awareness around the repercussions of over indulgence (and then some).

With alcohol being the third leading cause of death in the USA, it is no surprise that the need for awareness around this topic may never let up. In South Africa, they say that for every seven cars you share the road with at night, one driver is drunk. Hence the global need for communications like these – powerful in their own right and with a focus that draws attention to the reality of what happens in the aftermath. There has to be better ways to meet new people – a message from the Bucharest Traffic Police. This is a hard-hitting reminder that no amount of fun can be worth the unfolding drama that may follow an accident caused by alcohol consumption.

Agency Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte’s execution for the AA is a chilling reality-check that alcohol addiction isn’t fussy: it can happen to – and affect anybody. It’s about who bears the scars other than the obvious culprit. People who have families, homes and love – things that can be lost in a moment.

I don’t think that these ads can be argued in a ‘for’ or ‘against’ manner. That’s not the point. And, come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen a weak execution of a public service announcement in this category. If you aren’t sold on the image then the copy is the clincher. And in terms of television commercials, there are plenty out there to grab you by the bootstraps and make you see.

For the most part, the overarching theme that any of us can connect with is what works. You may know somebody, be somebody or fear somebody that abuses alcohol. It’s never fun and the after effects almost always live longer than the abuse and over-use does.

It’s not about not-drinking. It’s about knowing the difference between wanting and needing.

Do you think the war will ever be won?

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