Pets get stressed too

Euro RSCGs print campaign works – I can definitely believe pets get stressed. We had friends when I was growing up that owned a German Shepherd named Bonnie. Bonnie believed that everything was an emergency, until her tail pushed an automatic BMW into gear and she drove it through closed gates and into a garage door. Then of course she was nowhere to be seen. So Euro RSCGs print campaign for ‘nurtureline calmdog’ makes perfect sense to me. Even if it means Bonnie (the dog) and Granny here trade driver’s seats – stress is stress. Why shouldn’t we get the buzz we need?

Click image to enlarge. Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Johannesburg, South Africa; Creative Director: James Daniels; Art Director: Romy Lunz; Copywriter: Balekane Mokoditoa; Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld; Retoucher: Rob Frew; Published: 2010

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