The plinth of inexorable inspiration

Ten signifies the perfection of the Divine order. There are Ten Commandments and there are ten clauses in the Lord’s Prayer. In Chemistry, 10 is the atomic number of Neon while in Bingo, the number 10 ball is called an Uncle Ben. The British Prime Minister lives at number 10 Downing Street and ten is the symbol in the matter of harmony. For more than ten years now, Madonna has been the plinth of inexorable inspiration for me while consistently narrating even my own never-ending story.

Today she turns 53. The number 53 represents the sanctification of human nature. It is the only two digit number that is reversed in hexadecimal – and interestingly – while almost always contrary, she is never simply opposite. She never goes back. As one thing ends, something begins. And I can assure you… this is only the beginning.

My Top Ten Monumental Moments from the extraordinary journey.

#10 in my Top Ten – Die Another Day – Music Video

#9 in my Top Ten – Frozen – Music Video

#8 in my Top Ten – Don’t Tell Me – Drowned World Tour

#7 in my Top Ten – X-Static Pro=Cess – LIVE (American Life Promo Tour)

#6 in my Top Ten – The Power of Goodbye – Music Video

#5 in my Top Ten – American Life – Original Unreleased Music Video

#4 in my Top Ten – Into The Groove – Sticky n Sweet Tour

#3 in my Top Ten – Vogue – The Reinvention Tour

#2 in my Top Ten – Jump – The Confessions Tour

#1 in my Top Ten – Isaac – The Confessions Tour

© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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