Do anything (with anything)

Getting some things into odd spaces can pose some very different problems to different people. Whatever the reason – necessity or passion – you made find you need a little artificial help. This is exactly what JWT Paris, France was getting at with their print campaign for this “intimacy assistant” – TRY lubricant.

I’m not judging, but, if you ask me, a bowling skittle, a telescope and / or a dog bone is more on the side of passion-killer rather than a passion-maker. Though who cares if you have TRY lubricant right? With it you can do anything (with anything).

I like these print ads because they are easy-going and somewhat (even expectedly) amusing. It’s sexual lubricant after all. What else can you say about the stuff? The market has at least half a brain and the time and place for it begs a sense of humour to say the least (even if you don’t think so at the time). And after all is said and done, I’m sure that to some people these objects aren’t the furthest thing from what’s needed lubricant before…

What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard of?

Credits: Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys; Art Director: Jean-Baptiste Berthelom; Copywriter: Thomas Sabatier.

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