Beauty in vulnerability

Life offers us beautiful cycles. We are little only once, and then, as cycles go, we hope to get to see it all over again from a new perspective. Those precious moments are more special to the people who get to watch them than we will ever know. It is this beautifully sacred sentiment that agency Isobel, London has captured for Werther’s Original.

It is a surprising angle for chocolate sweets because we traditionally expect couples and lovers in cosy situations – or simply women and a more feminine slant. But what we see here is more powerful because we see men in a manner that is so seldom shared: sensitive vulnerability. These memoirs between fathers and their sons are poignant and moving: First days at school, playing in a park, dress-up for the school play or even just a special walk home. All are precious and beautifully private in some very public spaces.

Set to Bread’s classic – “Everything I own” – the score is appropriate because of the generation it reflects. The performances are honest and pure, and even though you might find yourself surprised at the product being advertised once you get to it, you know you like it because it makes you feel alive. (The ad, not the chocolate.)

I have a dad and I think I love and appreciate him even more when I get to see something as special as this.

Advertising is traditionally the promotion of a product for the purpose of moving stock from shelves to homes at a fee that makes accountants smile. Brand equity ads have the same goal for creating awareness, but offer the opportunity to do something more. Something different. Something special. Something like this.

It’s definitely one of my new favourites. What do you think?

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