The Electric Fence


Before I knew why, I was running and crying. Something awfully terrible had happened and I was looking for my dad. I was dizzy and sore and my face was pounding. When my dad came to see what all my noise was about, he picked me up and made me feel better. I heard Granddad explain to him that I touched my electric fence with my nose. Then he said I went flying backwards and then started crying.

I always go and play on my rock that leads up to my little wall that is protected by my electric fence. That is a fence that has electricity in it so that mean, bad people can’t come in and take our things without asking or saying please. I can’t really remember what happened but it was not good and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Once everything had calmed down, I sat and looked at the scene. It makes me sadder because I don’t want to stop playing in those flowers. I must be careful.

That was on Saturday. There was a very big storm later that night and my Gogo and my Granddad needed me to curl up with them and keep them warm. On Sunday there was a lot of chilling. That is when they take it easy. I didn’t want chilling so I kept myself busy and my Dad gave me a bone. My first bone. Then he said he had another first for me – a bath.

This is when you go in the warm water and get all your fur cleaned with shampoo. He then made me dry with a two very big towels and a wind blowing thing and I was so happy after that because I was shiny and new.

My name is Finn. Good and clean and electric fresh.

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