The Shoe Box

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The relationship between one subject and another, and then both to their whole is what we call perspective. We lose it quickly, often willingly albeit unknowingly and still, barely bother the grapple to find it again. But… every once in a while comes a story that without even trying, guides you back to your p(a)lace on a speck that sails on a ray of light shone by the sun in this Universe.

We are all there, floating . . .

Perspective is power. Although it often makes us want to shudder in embarrassment for the things we thought were important, it too can reaffirm your opinion of yourself. It can remind you of the things you thought weren’t important but are … while teaching you the difference between the battles worth fighting versus those you should forget. Realising and remembering these help you see that – although small – you are an essential speck that sails on a ray of light shone by the sun within this Universe.

We are all there, floating . . .

It is the very fear of growing old and losing our innocence by forgetting who we wanted to be when we were little that reminds us that we are alive. Some cry at birthdays while others mull happily over faded photos. That pang reminds us we are here, there… floating… It is that sense of pride that comes with knowing the significance of you on your speck that leads to this admission: You have more opportunity in the magic of your own mind and the palm of your own hand – by the grace of your own making – simply because of your own sense of wonder.

But only if and when you agree to get out of your own way.

You are alive.

You are full of wonder.

You are capable.

You are strong.

You are here, floating . . .

Two baby boys found in a shoebox in war-stricken Iraq grew to know no limits – albeit over massive hurdles – but without fear of someone else’s opinion(s) of what at they could or couldn’t do with their time on this planet. They know they are alive, full of wonder, capable and strong. So… if they don’t need reminding, let me ask you this:

Why do you?

We are all here, floating . . .

“Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world… I feel like I can’t take it…”
– Ricky, American Beauty.

Only you know where you’ve put your dreams…

What are you doing with them?

© Dylan Balkind

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