The tablet to create a better world. Really?

Romance reminds us we are alive. We revere it because it is good to us. It makes us hopeful – no matter who your significant other is, or is going to be. It’s no stretch then to understand why advertisers use it to sell products; it makes for that warm and fuzzy feeling we all like so much and, I am assuming, along with many, many, many other messages, this is what Motorola hoped to instil with their new tablet commercial – “Empower the People”.

It’s big. It’s pretty. And it’s pretty over the top. Set against the construct that we’ve all become drones in a world with little originality and self-expression, Motorola’s tablet commercial crafts boy-meets-girl, boy-likes-girl and boy-gets-girl – all because he has the Motorola tablet (in a nutshell). That alone is a bit weak if you ask me – but the weakness is overlooked because of the size of the commercial and its treatment. Still, it left me asking “what for?”

Love is strong enough to be your main theme – why confuse the issue with half-a-dozen others? The 1984 George Orwell reference irritates me. This novel is about a collectivist society – the ultimate Big Brother. But by advertising this product, you obviously want everybody to have a Motorola tablet, right? The problem with this is that then you are perpetuating the cycle. I just think there are too many messages here. Why? Because I bet there were too many cooks in the kitchen for this concept, script and shoot, and once again, you have a final product that has tried to make too many people happy.

Why not celebrate how the Motorola tablet simply makes you stand out from the crowd? The execution wouldn’t have to be dramatically different, but you could highlight how the individual can stand tall because of the help from Motorola. They make it clear that our male lead stands out because he is different. That’s one commercial all on its own. They then get lost and clutter it up with too many others – all because they want you to believe that the Motorola tablet is ‘the tablet to create a better world’. Really?

Sure – it’s visually impressive. He’s good looking, she’s pretty, and the tablet looks like a cooler than cool device, but I’m still not buying the message.

What do you think? Does this make you hopeful or remind you that you are alive?

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