The Westcliff Mannequin: A real-life princess!

And so continues my creative-crush on the team from Publicis, Montreal, Canada. They are obviously highly conceptual, have a driven cohesive attitude as a group and have found a place where their client’s message can resonate with powerful imagery and just the right amount of explanation to go with it.

Their concept-heavy print ad for Westcliff Shopping Centers speaks with an intelligent audience rather than to or at them. This is not a call to action ad or hard sell in any shape or form. It stands proudly on its own turf and gives you the chance to engage with it – or choose not to. If you ask me, it is likely to incite some giggles, fuel many great conversations and even spark creative-debate. Did someone say “brand awareness”? Whether arguers are for or against the execution, those conversations have the potential to turn viral and, where they go from there… well, you couldn’t measure that even if you tried. Either way, just because I’ve fallen in love with a piece of plastic, it doesn’t make me a dummy (tssk tssk).

Brand preference is a biggie and with over 200 000 shoppers a day, the Westcliff Shopping Centers – like their ad agency – must be doing something right! Even the mannequins need to take a break. God-knows – looking pretty aint easy!

What do you think?

Credits:  Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada | Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud | Art Director / Digital artist: Bogda Truta | Photographer: iStock

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