“We all boil at different degrees.”

Something sore happened a week ago. Let’s call it derisive humanity. They say that who you are and what you become is all about the things you learn, right? Here’s what I learned: That sadness is the most intimate of feelings. That people who have been sad themselves are still so quick to jump at the opportunity to make somebody else sad too. That we all make stupid mistakes. That maybe it isn’t a mistake if you don’t say sorry. That sorry seems to be the hardest word. That you never really know anyone’s story until you ask them. That most people don’t ask. That kindness is underrated. That sincere-shoulders come from the most unexpected places. That these devices we play with are dangerous. That you actually don’t have to be okay with something and that that prerogative is all your own. That it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That not everyone knows how to recognise what hurting looks like. That no matter how much you may have been bullied before, each new time sideswipes you like the first.

And, that — short of death I suppose — there is nothing more final than walking away.



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