We Are Infinite


life is like music
in bars
and bars of eight

where we celebrate
the miss-guessing
and hot-stepping

through the open ones

or hairbrush-singing
outside the un-fun

when we commiserate spate
for them come upon locked gates


we do



friends are like music
in bars
and bars from eight

without veneer
means no need for linear
which life never is
when in it
not cryptic
or supposed to fulfill 
any sort of hat-trick

after time gone and sunsets done

crimes and their fines
healed from alone’s seen-signs
over dry-grass lawns
or ceilings stared into until dawn
while the world is asleep
and you feel furious at the creeps
or just lie there and weep

with you

just you



and true

then, there,
just as you would be
things just as they should be

with some in

many not
in every episode
so that
cameos aren’t catapulted or camouflaged
as anything less or untoward

but just there
the things that should be traveled as I rather than We
reminding you that
things are

just as they should be

that is soul business

and there’s no other quite like it
your fit
proven alive by that nudge
through fog
under moon 
echoed by swoon
of Howling Dogs

it is there 

the Universe will kiss


like Kettle Mist 

✯ ✯ ✯

We did amazing things!

Yes. You – and I – reading and writing this.


And here’s why:
Because You may not know just how much, but you wrote these with me.

And we wrote these stories Differently.
Realities that were sometimes soft, often not and thumped out as bigger sounds in booms – and bytes.

So thank you… thank You… THANK YOU!

Your Light is Tall – and I salute it from here in mine, with this:   

Happy Spring Day Supernovas!

#WritingStoriesDifferently  #RealitySoundBytes

Video Sources

Howling Dogs   Kettle Mist


Musical Sources

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