What the BOERIEZZA are you trying to say here?

Crisis of note when something like this gets passed all writers, creative directors and by an act of somebody-still-has-a-job-but-I’m-not-sure-how, gets approved. Or, was it asked for by the client?! Is the “…lekker cheap and cheesy, but so is our pizza…” slogan supposed to excuse or save this bad presentation, or how the concept is being communicated?

Consumers are actually quite smart, and as the margins are blurred between socio economic backgrounds with the ‘aspirational’ crossing the street to where the ‘previously advantaged’ used to live, it seems marketing and advertising might be ignoring this and simply getting more desperate. This example certainly is. Who exactly is Roman’s Pizza trying to reach here? Do they even know? Experts say that the smart grid is dumb without smart consumers. What then are Roman’s saying about theirs? I’m not saying that pizza lovers necessarily expect a high brow, strategic message, but really now… this is just taking the piss.

We’re all consumers. And even though it’s staggering to acknowledge, so are the guys who wrote this drivvel up and believed it would rock the socks off a pizza loving audience. That was their second mistake. Their third is that they have since sadly made another in the series which means that, even if they can read, seeing this post might mean nothing to them. I’m worried to find out whether sales of this product have impressed… What do you think?

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