Start the day your way

Work life balance is all the rage right now. With the arrival of the BlackBerry and similar, we start working the minute we open our eyes. You read the boss’s feedback email sent at half-passed-unsociable and your mind starts working – no matter how hard you will it not to. It’s no small wonder Google designed their offices in a way that employees feel comfortable enough to think of it as home. For most of those techies, it probably is.

Passat has launched its Pleasure before business campaign that brings this sentiment to life. Led by a beautifully shot, tender TVC, the campaign highlights what some people will sacrifice in order to get their hobby-fix in before the work day has begun: a comfortable dressing room.

DDB Sydney introduces us to these professionals in settings they no doubt prefer, and we watch like voyeurs as they then transition into their day-job attire. Supported by a series of print work, the campaign is a jovial reminder that there’s more to life than what happens from nine-to-five (if you’re lucky), and hey, it could be a helluva lot cooler if you involve the new Passat.

Guided by ECD Dylan Harrison, I believe the creative team succeeded in inviting us in with quality allure so that we stay long enough to receive the whole message. That way we can ultimately understand and relate to the concept. Pretty. And pretty cool.

I like. Do you?

Credits: Advertising Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia; Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison; Creative Director: Steve Wakelam; Art Directors: Steve Wakelam, Adam Ledbury; Copywriter: Karen Ferry; Planning Director: Nick Andrews; Managing Partner: Nicole Taylor; Senior Business Manager: Dave Murphy; Photography: Alan McFetridge; Art buyer: Bryson Holt; Photography Production House: The Kitchen; Retouching: Cream.


© Copywriter Dylan Balkind

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