Would the real Creative please stand up?

A war of temperaments went around Facebook recently about the new Wimpy (Impi) ad. It was said that a stand up comedian had hatched the idea for his routine, and that only after his show had been seen by a certain Copywriter, had the idea then made its way through the (oh so very long) process from pitch to client, production, post production and then to eventually transpiring into what we are seeing now on TV. They say there’s no such thing as a (brand spanking) new idea. Indeed. But the Copywriter was berated for arriving for work on the Monday and ‘stealing’ the idea so it could work for client, Wimpy. So… So what? He/she spotted the gap but most importantly liked the idea being communicated at the stand up show enough to want to script it. Congratulations to the comedian therein.

In a world where social networking is hot property communication tool number one, everything is transient and absolutely everything is viral. See a show, send a text, receive the text, tell your friend, friend writes script, script gets approved, ad is produced, ad is on television, ad is on YouTube, ad goes viral. So? Idea essentially went viral, yes? No default to the comedian and no snub directed at his intellectual property either. But he should never hope or expect that that would be contained within the walls of his performance venue. Wit is a fine talent for sure, but that said, it doesn’t take a genius to see the rhyming opportunity with Wimpy and Impi. So, just figure out how to leverage your 15 minutes mate. It’s not only going to happen between two third party arguers on a fourth party’s Facebook wall.

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