You’ve got something in your teeth

Popcorn, apples, meat, spinach, sesame seeds, kiwis and strawberries – the list is long! Having something stuck in your teeth is never fun, while someone else having something stuck in theirs is even less so. Watching some toothpick-less sap contort their tongue in stupidly annoying ways is hard enough. Having to listen to them sucking on their teeth is worse. It is after all quite possibly the worst sound in the world.

Y&R Panama gets and understands the situation and offers these simply phenomenal print ads for Colgate dental floss. As much as I am an advocate for the power of words, I am in respectful admiration for an image that doesn’t need any.

Brilliantly crafted, these visuals present problem-solution in a crisp, straightforward and memorable campaign.

You like?

Credits: Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y&R, Panama; Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron; Art Directors: Francisco Bernal and Alberto Weand Ortiz; Photographer: Carlos Villarreal.

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